While you are running or walking, you feel pain on the front or outer edge of your lower leg or just below your knee on the inside of your leg. This pain can range from a dull ache to intense, severe throbbing. You find that the pain reduces with rest and may even seem to disappear but comes back again with activity.

Shin Splints

The term Shin splints is often used to describe pain at the front or sides of the lower leg. The pain is often due to overuse injury where the muscles attached to the shin bone are overpulling and become inflamed. Pain worsens with activity and tends to subside with rest only to return with further activity. The causes of shin pain are many and may include unaccustomed activity, poor training technique, hard training surfaces, abnormal foot or limb function, or inappropriate footwear for the sport or activity.

Your podiatrist can confirm the diagnosis of your shin pain and provide treatment and advice.